Case Report on Drug Induced Cushing Syndrome

Case Report on Drug Induced Cushing Syndrome

Rachel Pinto, Binai.K.Sankar

Reddy college of pharmacy

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Corticoids are 21 carbon compounds having cyclopentanohydrophenanthrene nucleus. They are synthesised in adrenal Cortisol cells in the cholesterol. Corticoids are given exogenously to regulate various body functions like in the maintainenece of fluid electrolyte balance, cardiovascular and energy substrate homeostasis and functional status of skeletal muscles and nervous system.They help withstand body with the outside stimuli and noxious particles and stress during a diseased state. They mimic the action of the body’s Natural hormone Cortisol
Taking too much of exogenous Cortisol when given in medication form of gluco-corticosteriod leads to exogenous Cushing syndrome. A condition that occurs from the exposure to high Cortisol levels for a longer period of time. Symptoms of Cushing Syndrome include: Moon face, Slow growth rate in children, Weight gain in fat accumulation, Skin Infection, Thin skin with easy bruising. Lab test conducted to Verify Cushing Syndrome are: Blood Cortisol Levels, Blood sugar levels, Dexamethasone suppression test, 24hr urine Cortisol and Creatinine levels, ACTH stimulation test.
OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of Drug induced Cushing syndrome in a 40 year old female patient who was on the treatment of skin rashes under methyl prednisolone continuously for a period of one month.

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Rachel Pinto, Binai.K.Sankar Case Report on Drug Induced Cushing Syndrome. International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2018,3:11.


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