Utilization Evaluation of Drugs Used in Dialysis Patients

Utilization Evaluation of Drugs Used in Dialysis Patients

Margreth Philbert, Binai K Sankar

Reddy college of pharmacy

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

You cannot live without having your blood cleaned properly. So, when the kidneys have failed completely, a treatment called dialysis can take over the job of filtering and cleaning the blood. A 67 year’s old male diabetic with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) admitted to the hospital with the symptoms of decreased balance, loss of sensation, fear of falling, and decreased endurance during daily activities. In April 2011 due to extreme illness and diagnosed with kidney failure. Patient reports progression of his disease to ESRD in 2016. Patient has been receiving dialysis treatment since ESRD diagnosis 3 days per week.

KEYWORDS: CKD, ESRD, hemodialysis, Therapy Management.

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Ayda Hossein poor, C. Suhas Reddy Utilization Evaluation Of Drugs Used In Dialysis Patients. International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2018,3:13.


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