Art (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Buffalo Hump: Case Report

Art (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Buffalo Hump: Case Report

G.Sravani1, D. Seethram babu1, T.S.Durga Prasad2
1Pharm D Intern, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Sri Padmavathi School of Pharmacy, Tiruchanoor, Tirupati; 2Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Sri Padmavathi School of Pharmacy, Tiruchanoor, Tirupati

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

INTRODUCTION- Anti-retroviral therapy is used for the treatment of patients with HIV. This therapy may also lead to some of the adverse drug reactions among which Zidovudine induced Buffalo Hump is an uncommon adverse drug reaction.
CASE REPORT- In this present study a 38 year old women diagnosed with HIV disease in November 2008 and on ZLN therapy. By 2017 December she developed Buffalo Hump in her dorsal cervical area which was not associated with pain and erythema but discomfort is being observed. Patients was suggested for surgical removal of buffalo hump adipose tissue, but she refused to that. Later after six months of follow up the stabilization of fat in cervical region was observed.
CONCLUSION- Protease inhibitors induced Buffalo hump is common but Ziduvudine induced Buffalo hump is uncommon. Treatment options include surgical removal of fat and exercise in order to maintain body fat.

Keywords: Buffalo Hump, Zidovudine, Adverse drug reaction, Anti-retroviral therapy.

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G.Sravani, D. Seethram babu, T.S.Durga Prasad. Art (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Buffalo Hump: Case Report. International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2018,3:16.


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