Pharmacovigilance and Managing ADRS in Bangladesh: Eccentric or Non-existent?

Pharmacovigilance and Managing ADRS in Bangladesh: Eccentric or Non-existent?

AK Mohiuddin

Department of Pharmacy, World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh 151/8, Green Road Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Bangladesh became the 120th member of the WHO’s International Drug Monitoring Center (WHO-UMC). Through this membership, Bangladesh has gained international recognition and access to early worldwide information about potential safety risks. It was introduced in Bangladesh in 1999. However, due to a shortage of manpower and a lack of financial support, the program became dormant. It was revived in 2013 when the DGDA established the ADR Monitoring cell. Major advancements of the discipline of pharmacovigilance have taken place in the West, still, not much has been achieved in Bangladesh. The article highlights the various serious incidences ADRs, present health situation and broader scope of pharmacovigilance in Bangladesh.

Keywords: National Drug Policy (NDP), The Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA), Drug Control Ordinance, Essential Medicine List (EML), Standard Treatment Guidelines (STG)

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