Union Therapy- a Weapon Against Covid 19

Union Therapy- a Weapon Against Covid 19

Kanishk Kala1, Rupinder Kaur Sodhi2

1Research Scholar, Pharmacy, Chandigarh College of Pharmacy IK Gujral PTU, 2Guide, Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy IK Gujral PTU

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Illness and diseases has inflicted humans since ancient times through the course of development1.They emerged in Africa and initially were hunters and gatherers who learned many things from nature in terms of food shelter medicine and living. The nomadic life led to higher mortalities to them hence as a fact they started worshiping the forces of nature like sun water etc.2-4.
With advancement of time and through wisdom acquired from the observations and knowledge through peer’s ancestors they stared farming and as a fact started to live in settled communities near river banks or water source. The role of their ancestors in shaping their customs and beliefs led to allot them the space of deities or as a connection link between deities. This settlement led the foundation of religions and development of civilizations. The civilizations holds their customs and beliefs which were centered over the idea of a supreme deity or supernatural power which governs all and prayers were offered to them for solutions of issues which were regarded as wrath of the God. Even sacrifices included with norms were also conducted in different cultures. In some instances body organ images were dedicated to Gods for treatment. and different deities were worship for safeguarding health.
Traditional knowledge of medicines in different cultures also witnessed a transition from oral transmission to documented texts to development and integration with modern science. During course of time there has been many instances of integration which correlates with similarities irrespective of their individual inherent uniqueness in the various medical systems followed like links between Ayurveda and Sidhha, Ayurveda and TCM, TCM and Korean medicine, Buddhist medicine and Ayurveda Unani and other contemporary medicines were found. 5-10. But still in spite of similarities they are being practiced as separate entities as a result many diseases are un resolved and pose threat to global health.
This is evident in case of COVID -19 in present scenario. Ironically disease is gender region and religion neutral it affects all without discrimination. To a set back modern science has no answer to it which forces a modern man to seek answers from past treatment modalities. In addition the studies of modern science also support the positive role of holistic health models. Thus to cover all these shortcomings the concept of union therapy/ Sayojya Chiktsa is conceptualized which emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive care which respects every treatment modality having a positive outcome and compromises utilization of objective similarities of higher order therapeutics holistic approach, conceptual interactions and links between medicine systems religious cultural and individualistic traits to aid in treatment and improve adherence and outcome.

Keywords: Union Therapy,  Covid 19

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