Merging Mythological Scientific Clinical and Economical Aspects of Rationality to Optimize Utilization of Healthcare as a Comprehensively Holistic Model

Kanishk Kala

Rupinder Kaur Sodhi IK Gujral PTU

 International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Rationality is not a phenomena restricted to drugs It is also included in behavioral, psychological mythological spiritual and religious elements. Every aspect of health as per WHO health definition affects the treatment process of illness to restore health. This review is based on rationality as per the union therapy concept/ Sayojyachikitsa which aims to integrate various aspects of rationality and aims to integrate supernatural mythological and scientific aspects of rationality and devised 15 R to make treatment comprehensively holistic. This would make therapy accessible acceptable on global scale. This would help to use drugs in COVID -19 threat where in addition to clinical elements behavioral, psychological mythological spiritual and religious elements of rational drug use can play a vital role.

Keywords: Union Therapy,  Covid 19

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Kanishk Kala ,RETRACING RATIONALITY FOR COVID -19 – A UNION THERAPY INITIATIVE Merging Mythological Scientific Clinical and Economical Aspects of Rationality to Optimize Utilization of Healthcare as a Comprehensively Holistic Model. International Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 2020,5:37


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