Service Quality in the Eritrean Banking Sector

Empirical Service Quality in the Eritrean Banking Sector

Fitsum Ghebregiorgis1 and Asmerom Atewebrhan2
1 Department of Business Management and Marketing, College of Business and Economics, P.O. Box 3963 Asmara, Eritrea;
2 Department of Accounting, College of Business and Economics, P.O. Box 3963 Asmara, Eritrea

International Journal of Industrial and Business ManagementThis paper aims at measuring the quality standing of the banking sector in Eritrea. It focuses on the study of the Eritrean Commercial Banks in order to examine their performance towards quality service and behavioural intentions. The findings from the study reveal mixed evidence in that, although customers’ base their banks’ overall quality assessment on the service quality dimensions identified in this study, they do not consider the service quality dimensions identified to be important in their intention to spread positive word-of-mouth about their bank’s services and they seem to be willing to switch to another bank even with a positive perception of service quality. Thus, there may be considerations other than the quality dimensions identified in this study on which customers base their future purchase which seeks further study. In comparison with similar service quality studies made in other countries, this study has come-up with new dimensions. Hence, the outcome may enrich our understanding of services marketing and the determinant variables in what customer perceive regarding quality service in a developing country setting. Future research would benefit from additional research in this area in other geographical settings to better understand the generalisability of the findings reported.

Keywords: Service quality, banking sector, customers, behavioural intentions, Trade, Eritrea.

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Fitsum Ghebregiorgis and Asmerom Atewebrhan. SERVICE QUALITY IN THE ERITREAN BANKING SECTOR. International Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 2017; 1:5. DOI:10.28933/ijibm-2017-04-1301


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