Analysis of reasons for audit failure and study of preventive strategies

Analysis of reasons for audit failure and study of preventive strategies

Song Longfei

School of Economics and Management, Huainan Normal University, Huainan 232001, China

International Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Using 2007-2017, securities regulatory commission announced on the administrative penalty, penalty and certified public accountant firm in the audit failure penalty as the research sample, respectively, from the audit failure of violating the frequency of the auditing standards, registered public accounting firm scale and the relationship between the financial fraud and audit failure three aspects to discusses the reasons of audit failure. It is found that “audit evidence” and “verification” account for a large proportion of audit failures. There is a positive correlation between the size of firms and audit quality, and the proportion of audit failures in “big firms” is low. There is no correlation between financial fraud and audit failure. , In view of the reasons for the audit failure, this paper puts forward some preventive strategies. ,

Keywords: audit failure; Auditing standards; Firm size; Financial fraud

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Song Longfei.Analysis of reasons for audit failure and study of preventive strategies. International Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 2019; 3:9. DOI:10.28933/ijibm-2019-01-0208


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