Analysis and Study of Influence Factors and Control Strategies For Power Grid Operation Costs

Analysis and Study of Influence Factors and Control Strategies For Power Grid Operation Costs

Ke Cao*, Chang Wu

College of Electrical Engineering & New Energy, China Three Gorges University College, Yichang, 443002, China.


At present, power grid construction is playing a more and more important role in development of China power sector because of maldistribution of electric energy. This passage is based on three steps in the electrified wire netting construction process: power transformation, transmission, distribution. By summing up the feature of them, some conclusions about influence factors of power grid operating costs are required. After that, this paper analyzes negative influence of high costs. At last, keeping a reasonable control on single cost is put forward to make controlling total costs strongly possible.

Keywords: Power grid construction; Engineering project; Operating costs; High costs; Influence factors; Control

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Ke Cao, Chang Wu. Analysis and S-tudy of Influence Factors and Contr-ol Strategies For Power Grid Oper-ation Costs. Global journal of Econ-omics and Business Administration, 2019, 3:16. DOI: 10.28933/ijibm-2019-06-0106


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