Indian Ragas for treating health problems

Indian Ragas for treating health problems

Dr Balaji Deekshitulu P V

Homeopathy & Alternative Medicine Physician and Counseling Psychologist, Sri Balaji Homeopathy & Counseling Center, Tirupati, A.P, India.cell:8885391722,7207255557.

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Music is a universal language. It influences all levels of human existence. It is a medium for communication, which can be both a pleasant and healing experience. Modern science and medicine are now rediscovering the healing powers of music. And various ragas in Hindustani & Karnataka treating persons with special needs in mental and physical health, rehabilitation and special education is gaining ground. It is a great ancient holistic medical science of India. The whole subject of music medical therapy is now getting attention from all across the world. In this paper we are presenting how a different raga affects the human body.

Keywords: Indian ragas, Curing health diseases

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