Thermodynamics of the origin of life, evolution, and aging

Thermodynamics of the origin of life, evolution, and aging

G. P. Gladyshev

Russian Academy of Arts; International Academy of Creative Endeavors; N.N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 117977 Moscow, Kosygin, 4

international Journal of Natural Science1

The main provisions of hierarchical thermodynamics created on the basis of Gibbs thermodynamics are presented. The thermodynamic theory of the origin of life, its evolution and the aging of living beings is presented. The theory considers the change in the specific Gibbs function of the formation of structures of different hierarchies, that is, the change in the comparative stability of these structures in the course of their evolutionary transformations. The described approach should be considered structural kinetic thermodynamics, which allows us not to consider any kinetic mechanisms of processes in the evolution of various hierarchical structures. It is asserted that the principle of substance stability determines the direction of the processes of the origin of life and its evolutionary transformations. The thermodynamic theory of aging and thermodynamic nutrition allows predictions concerning healthy life and its duration. It is shown that hierarchical thermodynamics is the physical foundation of expanded Darwinism. All the conclusions and predictions of the theory are confirmed by numerous observations and experimental facts.

Keywords: thermodynamics, hierarchy, origin of life, evolution, chemical evolution, aging, Darwinism, natural design.

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