Life quality in hypertensive elderly people in Olinda

Life quality in hypertensive elderly people in Olinda – PE

Ribeiro, G.O1; Silva, K.C.L2; Souza, F.S3³; Melo, T.A4; Fernandes, M.G5; Lima, A.K.P6

1,2,3,4Universidade Católica de Pernambuco; 5Fisioterapeuta Doutora em Ciências da saúde – UFRN, 6Docente/Pesquisadora do Departamento de Fisioterapia – UNICAP.

international journal of aging research

Introduction: Hypertension is among the first places in the problems of public health in worldwide. Being the most common chronic disease in the elderly. Objective: To identify the hypertensive elderly community so that we can verify the functional ability, mental health, general health, pain, vitality, social functioning, limitations due to emotional and physical aspects of that population. Methodology: The study was conducted in the Community Center and welfare of the Town of COHAB 7 ° RO, whose sample consisted of 53 elderly hypertensive patients, aged 60 years, of both genders. Later we used the SF-36. Result and Discussion: The final sample comprised 44 volunteers with mean age of 72.5 years. A comparison between scores in different domains of the SF-36 in individuals who engage in activities to entertain and physical activities, observing significantly higher in the SM domain, the group of individuals who practice physical activity (85.1 ± 16 , 0 vs 70.0 ± 18.6, p = 0.02). Conclusion: Given the results run in this study, to denote the deleterious effects of hypertension, thus demonstrating the damage that interfere with the general health of the elderly. Making clear the importance of applying a questionnaire to assess quality of life in this population.

Keywords:   Aged; Hypertension; Quality of life

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Ribeiro, G.O; Silva, K.C.L; Souza, F.S; Melo, T.A; Fernandes, M.G; Lima, A.K.P. Life quality in hypertensive elderly people in Olinda – PE. International Journal of Aging Research, 2018, 1:12. DOI:10.28933/ijoar-2018-05-0809

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