Mandatory training in aged care- issues for Australian organisations and workers

Mandatory training in aged care- issues for Australian organisations and workers

Graham Blaxell B.A. Dip. Ed.

Macquarie University, Australia

international journal of aging research

There are significant issues related to the implementation of Mandatory Compliance Training in Not For Profit Aged Care provision in Australia. This paper provides an overview of those issues through an autoethnographic approach based on my 4 decades as an educator. It critiques the application of Mandatory Compliance Training using contemporary understandings of adult learning.

Keywords: Aged Care, Australia, Autoethnography

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Divya Singh and Sukanya Hembrom.Neuroprotective Effect of Flavonoids: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Aging Research, 2019, 2:27. DOI: 10.28933/ijoar-2018-12-0205


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