Maria Isabel Ferreira Silva1*, Amanda Oliveira Amaral2, Mércia Augusta Rodrigues3, Rayssa Maria Duarte Lima Pereira4, Nirliane Ribeiro Barbosa5

International journal of Pediatric research and reviews-2d

Introduction: Aiming at the well-being of the population, it is necessary for health teams to work in an effective and integrated way, especially when it comes to childhood, which is the phase of greater personal development, thus supporting not only the child but all his family. To begin to work the interdisciplinarity still in the university is very relevant for the future professional formation of the students, because it brings a new look to the same ones, causing that they are able to draw up plans of more specific and individual care directed to the particularities of each patient. Objectives: To describe the interdisciplinary experience of the consultation to a newborn, considering its family context, based on a practice of the Project of Interdisciplinary Actions in Maternal and Child Health linked to the Federal University of Alagoas, Campus Arapiraca. Methodology: A descriptive study of the experience report, based on the experiences of Nursing and Psychology students who are part of the project, during an action taken in September 2018, at a basic health unit in the municipality of Arapiraca, Alagoas. Results: The consultation was directed by the unit’s nurse, and accompanied by the students of nursing and psychology. During the consultation, it was noticed from the physical examination that the newborn was jaundiced. The parents were very distressed because they did not know what to do to minimize this alteration that even with the sun baths did not present results, in addition they presented complaint of frequent and excessive crying of the baby, which was identified as aspect generating of stress and distress for parents. Given this, nursing and psychology acted together to meet the parents’ demands, thus, guidance and emotional support were offered in order to minimize the interference of stressors that could affect the family context and impair the care of the baby. Despite the possible return of the baby to maternity due to jaundice, the interdisciplinary consultation was of paramount importance for professionals to elaborate a closer look at the multiple dimensions of their patients. Conclusions: The importance of the interdisciplinary team in the context of the consultation directed to the family and the child in the basic health unit was noted, and how this contributes to a better link between community and service. Professionals and/or students should always seek to act together in the decision-making process and past behavior to the patient, considering that only a professional is not able to attend to the multiple dimensions of an individual, always prevailing what is best for each patient and respecting the different areas of action.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Practices, Maternal and Child Health, Neonatal Jaundice

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Maria Isabel Ferreira Silva, Amanda Oliveira Amaral, Mércia Augusta Rodrigues, Rayssa Maria Duarte Lima Pereira, Nirliane Ribeiro Barbosa.INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE IN CONSULTATION A NEWBORN: EXPERIENCE REPORT. IInternational Journal of Pediatric Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:9

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