Mônica de Oliveira Osório*1 Carina Elisabeth Alcântara Trindade2, Geisa Sousa3, Larissa Cano4, Maria Vitória Cavalcanti Osório5

International journal of Pediatric research and reviews-2d

Background: Child hospitalization is potentially a traumatic situation for the child, causing a break in his daily routine, habits of hygiene, sleep and food. In Pediatrics, you can not wear your clothes, you do not feed as you want and at the time you are accustomed, you experience impersonal treatment of the team and invasive treatment that can make adherence difficult. Conditions such as these can lead to the appearance of psychological reactions such as anxiety, fear and anguish, social repercussions such as difficulties of interaction and isolation. Humanizing the hospital environment in pediatric care may be an interesting solution to help cope with the adverse effects of hospitalization. Storytelling is a playful resource that favors coping with hospitalization and minimizing pain. Objective: To report the experience of using the history contact as a resource for humanization in the hospital context and coping with pain. Methodology: report of experience. Results and discussion: Storytelling can be fun and enjoyable for the child and his / her family, making him travel in the stories told in a few minutes, and draw attention away from discomfort, pain and suffering. It facilitated a social interaction that facilitates the mutual growth and exchanges of emotions, humanizing the hospital environment. It affects the children, their families and even the health team. In addition, it allowed to re-signify the patient’s own history from the fantasy present in the plot that is told. For storytelling, one can use the book as support or not to interact and actively insert the child into what is being narrated. Conclusion: The experience of storytelling by relaxing the child, taking the focus off the pain, allowed a playful experience and reflection on reality, reinventing what is happening in the hospital and itself, as well as the rescue of the right of the child. citizen of leisure and culture typical of the children’s universe.

Keywords: humanization of assistance, hospitalization, pediatrics, pain

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Mônica de Oliveira Osório Carina Elisabeth Alcântara Trindade, Geisa Sousa, Larissa Cano, Maria Vitória Cavalcanti Osório. STORYTELLING AS A RESOURCE FOR HUMANIZATION AND COPING WITH PAIN. International Journal of Pediatric Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:10

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