Reactive depression in a sacro coccygeal chordoma

Reactive depression in a sacro coccygeal chordoma

Ndiaye-Ndongo Ndèye Dialé, Fall Lamine, Sylla Aïda, Thiam Mamadou Habib.

Service de Psychiatrie du CHNU Fann, Dakar-Sénégal

Psychiatric Research and Reviews1

The association of depression and organic diseases is frequently described. Several authors have been interested in analyzing the links between the two entities. Depression is considered the dominant mode of reaction to somatic disorders. It is all the more frequent and marked that the disorder is life-threatening, painful, disabling. In this work, we report a reaction depression occurring in a patient with a sacro-coccygeal chordoma which is a relatively rare malignancy, with a reserved prognosis, revealed by common radiculalgia of appearance. This one required a care in Psychiatry parallel to the surgery. We emphasize the interest and the need for a multidisciplinary management framework.

Keywords: depressive disorders; somatic affection; sacro-coccygeal mass

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Ndiaye-Ndongo Ndèye Dialé, Fall Lamine, Sylla Aïda, Thiam Mamadou Habib.Reactive depression in a sacro coccygeal chordoma. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:7. DOI: 10.28933/ijprr-2018-12-1506


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