William Barros Agrelli Girão¹*; Mateus Cotias Filizola2; Guilherme Brazão3; Rita de Cássia Hoffmann Leão4, Tatiana de Paula Santana da Silva5; Everton Botelho Souge6


Psychiatric Research and Reviews1

Introduction: Somatic Symptom Disorder is characterized, by the Fifth Edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, by distressing somatic symptoms linked to abnormal thoughts, feelings and behaviors in response to these symptoms. The prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder in primary care is quite significant, and new empirical evidence suggests that there is a clinically relevant interaction between anxiety and pain intensity felt by the patient in a context of somatization of symptoms. Objectives: To analyze in the literature the relationship between anxiety disorders and psychosomatic pain. Methodology: The research was carried out in the CAPES Periodic databases, PubMed and Regional Portal of the VHL. The terms “Anxiety Disorders”, “Pain” and “Psychophysiological Disorders” were considered as descriptors. Articles published between 2013 and 2018 were included. Results: Of the 2095 articles found, only seven were included in the review. Evidence has been found that anxiety may stem from social distress or primary pathologies. It can be expressed somatically under different forms of pain, such as: gastrointestinal, precordial, dental or cephalic. Evidence has also been found that anxiety exac-erbates dental and cephalic pain, and it chronicises localized back pain and cephalic pain. Con-clusion: The literature on the interaction between anxiety and psychosomatic pain is still incipient to the detriment of the complexity and comprehensiveness of the phenomenon. We also high-light the need for further research on diagnostic and therapeutic teaching strategies of health professionals in order to reduce the morbidity resulting from these events.

Keywords: Pain, Anxiety Disorders, Psychophysiological Disorders

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William Barros Agrelli Girão; Mateus Cotias Filizola; Guilherme Brazão; Rita de Cássia Hoffmann Leão, Tatiana de Paula Santana da Silva; Everton Botelho Souge.THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ANXIETY AND PAIN DISORDERS: AN INTEGRATIVE REVIEW. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:20. DOI: 10.28933/ijprr-2019-08-2005


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