Lívia Monteiro1*, Maria Catarina Ferraz2, Cybelle Accioly3, Eliane Nóbrega Albuquerque4, Juliana Porto Behar5 e Mônica de Oliveira Osório6.

Psychiatric Research and Reviews1

Introduction: The psychologist in the professional trajectory builds different competences according to the national curricular guidelines. Psychology undergraduate courses when building their curricular matrices focus on knowledge and experience challenges in developing skills and attitudes for psychological performance. Art can be an ally in this learning scenario as a mediator to provoke the reflection about the other, about themselves, about social relations and the fields of professional practice. Objective: The present work reports one of the activities called Artepsi in a clinical hospital psychology stage, which is organized by the trainees themselves of the course of Psychology of college in Recife, Pernambuco, specialized in health. Methodology: Experience report. Results and discussion: Each meeting is planned by the trainees, decide themes, group dynamics, debates and make contact with speakers. The activities developed in the meetings seek to provoke reflections on the formation of the psychologist, challenges and professional dilemmas, refresher themes, integrating art and psychology. The Art element was expressed through discussions of films, origami, literature, music, reports of experiences, lectures trying to sensitize and affect the trainee to think about their own formation, caring for themselves and the other. Artepsi is an activity that allowed us to reflect on different themes, such as: depression, suicide, caring for oneself, mental health, psychoanalysis, art therapy, violence, among others. Conclusion: This proposal allowed us to reflect on a curricular internship activity that integrates art and psychology, allowing trainees to take on the role of protagonist in their training, developing decision-making skills, group work, exchange of experiences, strategic planning, mediation conflict and creativity. As well, it made possible to think about the future of its profession and a responsible and citizen action.

Keywords: Arts, Psychology, Education.

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Lívia Monteiro, Maria Catarina Ferraz, Cybelle Accioly, Eliane Nóbrega Albuquerque, Juliana Porto Behar, e Mônica de Oliveira Osório. ARTEPSI: SCENARIO OF LEARNING AND CITIZEN TRAINING. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:24. DOI: 10.28933/ijprr-2019-10-1007

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