The Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Academic League in Mental Health in the Profissional Formation of Students

The Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Academic League in Mental Health in the Profissional Formation of Students

Alana Beatriz Félix Ferreira¹*, John Victor dos Santos Silva², Thyara Maia Brandão³.

¹²³ Universidade Estadual de Ciências da Saúde de Alagoas (UNCISAL)

Psychiatric Research and Reviews1

Introduction: The academic league plays a key role in the student’s academic-professional construction, enhancing knowledge about a specific area, shaped by the university’s pillars, which are teaching, extension and research. The subject of mental health in undergraduate health courses is quite diverse. In general, only one discipline or module of approach is offered, often only theoretical content and little practice, which leads students to seek other ways to deepen knowledge in the area, such as leagues, extension projects, events, among others. Thus, a league facilitates the approach of the student with the theme, as well as mediation or the student in the execution of research and extension projects, or what makes it enriching for professional training.

Objective: Report the importance of a multiprofessional academic league in professional training in mental health and describe the experiences of effective members of the league.

Methods: It is a descriptive work of the experience report type, developed from the experiences of effective members of the Liga Acadêmica Interdisciplinar em Saúde Mental (LAISME-UNCISAL). The student who has joined the league participates in monthly meetings, health education activities, workshops, events, courses, practices and actions held within the annual cycle, which spanned the period from July 2018 to June 2019. areas of health and biological sciences and social and human sciences.

Results: As a result of these experiences, we realize the multiple benefits that the academic league brings to the students involved, such as the exchange of knowledge between academics and professionals, rich experiences at the university, practices in mental health places such as CAPS, technical understanding. from diverse contexts of performance in mental health, in addition to learning about teamwork, responsibility, organization, respect for differences, among others.

Conclusion: The Academic League has relevance to academic professional education, as it provides an exchange of experiences and disseminates theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of ​​mental health.

Keywords: academic league, mental health, multidisciplinarity, vocational training.

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Alana Beatriz Félix Ferreira, John Victor dos Santos Silva, Thyara Maia Brandão. The Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Academic League in Mental Health in the Profissional Formation of Students. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2020, 3:31. DOI: 10.28933/ijprr-2020-01-2505

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