Training in Suicide Prevention for Health Professionals in Pernambuco

Training in Suicide Prevention for Health Professionals in Pernambuco

Sousa, R.A1; Silva, W.R2; Oliveira Melo, I.F.O3; Silva, A.C.P.S4; Vasconcelos, S.C5; Silva, T.P.S6

1Estudante do Curso de Ciências Biológicas da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco–UFPE,
2 Estudante do Curso de Nutrição da Faculdade Mauricio de Nassau– UNINASSAU,
3,4 Psicóloga da Prefeitura Municipal do Recife, 5,6Doutora em Neuropsiquiatria e Ciências do Comportamento– UFPE.

Psychiatric Research and Reviews1

Introduction:Introduction: Nowadays, mental health work is understood through team work and aimed at the collective with the perspective of articulating and adding knowledge. In this sense, the broadening of the professionals perspective and training is essential to enhance care, especially in the issues of coping with self-inflicted violence, especially the suicidal behavior responsible for the death of approximately 800,000 people per year. Objectives: to report the experience of training in the subject of suicide prevention for health professionals in the state of Pernambuco. Methodology: The proposal was developed in September 2017 in the training format, offered by a group of researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco. The target audience was the professionals who work at the various levels of mental healthcare in the State of Pernambuco. The training was structured in three thematic axes: 1- Basic concepts; 2- Risk factors and profiles; 3- Management and prevention. Results and Discussion: The vast majority of professionals approved the proposal, in its 90,3% format, thematic 95,0% and content 97,0%. In total 99,0% considered the action to be important for their professional training and ensures afety regarding retention and apprehension of the subject, and can contribute more effectively to the issue of suicidal behavior. It can be considered that the experience contributed significantly to teaching and scientific research through the articulation of university researchers and professionals in mental healthcare, being considered as an action of permanent education and training, indispensable tools in the content of public health. Conclusion: It is considered that the action was successful in order to enable the comprehension and broadened view of the professionals of the multi professional team to promote the integral care of the subject who suffers, enabling the listening and support even the engagement in a specialized network.

Keywords: Continuing Education; Mental Health; Suicidal Ideation

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Sousa, R.A; Silva, W.R; Oliveira Melo, I.F.O; Silva, A.C.P.S; Vasconcelos, S.C; Silva, T.P.S. Training in Suicide Prevention for Health Professionals in Pernambuco. International Journal of Psychological Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:5

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