Maria Anita Coelho Epaminondas ¹*, Jennifer Hellen Melo Sobral¹, Juliana Marina Campelo¹, Ana Clara de Andrade Pereira¹.

1Discente do Centro Universitário Maurício de Nassau, Uninassau, Recife-PE, Brasil

Internal Journal of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

INDRODUCTION: Microcephaly is a neurological condition with a craniofacial anomaly where it has a reduced cephalic perimeter, resulting in malformation of the central nervous system. In 2015, Brazil registered an outbreak of the disease, mainly in the states of northeastern Brazil, causing a state of alert in the entire population and a problem for public health that after investigative studies, concluded that the responsible for the outbreak would be the Zika virus. In general, the disease may present a delay in the neuropsychomotor development, the application of an early intervention program should be done in a systematic and individual way, respecting the various changes in each case. With the physiotherapist applicability occurs the contribution with the physical and psychic benefits, creating more possibilities for psychosocial rehabilitation.

OBJECTIVE: To show the approach of physiotherapy to minimize the impairment caused by microcephaly, through appropriate treatments mediating the disability of each individual.

METHODOLOGY: For this summary, a study was made on the need for physiotherapy in patients with microcephaly. It was conducted by electronic research in the databases Scielo, Pubmed and Bireme

RESULTS: Microcephaly is a pathology that causes severe functional and cognitive alterations, being important the rehabilitation with purpose the stimulation of the child according to the neuropsychomotor age. The conduct of any technique in the first years of life helps in the process of maturation of the central nervous system, being considered important for the development of motor, cognitive and sensory skills. The study demonstrated that in addition to early interventions, the care with an interdisciplinary health team and the support of the family environment favors the development and functionality leading to the autonomy and independence of the child.

CONCLUSION: Microcephaly is a pathology that requires continuous treatment for the rest of life. The early stimulation through a conduct with kinesiotherapeutic techniques allows a better gain of ability. And with the participation of the multiprofessional team and the family environment, it enhances and contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Keywords: Physiotherapy; Neuropsychomotor; Rehabilitation

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Maria Anita Coelho Epaminondas, Jennifer Hellen Melo Sobral, Juliana Marina Campelo, Ana Clara de Andrade Pereira. PHYSIOTHERAPY APPROACH IN MICROCEPHALY PATIENTS. Internal Journal of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2020; 3:11

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