Oriental Traditions [Taoism]: A Critical Option for Peace Building Initiative in the Contemporary Society

Oriental Traditions [Taoism]: A Critical Option for Peace Building Initiative in the Contemporary Society

Dr Kingsley Okoro N.

Department of Philosophy and Religion, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Abakaliki-Nigeria.

International Journal of social research

The 21st century seems to have been eclipsed by conflict, which makes people presume conflict as necessary part of the society resulting to emphasize on peace education. This paper having taken a critical study on various peace building models of peace education observes that these models as good us they may be have not addressed the root of conflicts in the modern society. However, the researcher being interested in finding a peace building model that will address this gap spotlights on Taoism as having the potential to offering the world their peace-dream. This tradition anchors on the principles of Tao, Yin-yang and Wu-wei. Basic to the trio concepts are the idea of pluralism, non-interference, and non-action. This paper in adopting historical and sociological methods of investigations concludes that if Taoist tradition is adopted as a peace building model, the desired peace shall soon become a reality.

Keywords: Critical Option, Oriental Traditions. Peace Initiative, Taoism

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Kingsley Okoro N. Oriental Traditions [Taoism]: A Critical Option for Peace Building Initiative in the Contemporary Society. International Journal of Social Research, 2017; 1:4. DOI:10.28933/ijsr-2017-11-2101


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