Time So Alive

Time So Alive

Ruth C. Chao and Kuang-ming Wu

International Journal of social research

“Being alive” freely roams. Roaming freedom chants spontaneous coherence. Lively coherence describes lively time. This paper shows spontaneity par excellence at joy in such time so alive. Sections of this paper show such natural coherence of time so alive, overflowing all over, to fascinatingly portray being alive in time so alive. This paper has four major sections, beginning, essential, roaming, and beginning again, plus some interesting minor ones.

Keywords: Time, Alive, Being alive

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Ruth C. Chao and Kuang-ming Wu. Time So Alive. International Journal of Social Research, 2018; 2:14. DOI:10.28933/ijsr-2018-02-0101


1.The story appears in World Stories Newly Told, in its “Literature,” pp.217-218. 世說新語, 台北三民書局 2007, in its 文學 chapter.
2.See Whitehead’s conclusion to his “Immortality” in The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, 1951, La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1991, pp. 699-700. This is his last public statement.
3.“Tougher” does not depreciate land-cultivation. We all need both land cultivation and mind cultivation.

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