Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Coca-Cola’s Print Advertising

Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Coca-Cola’s Print Advertising

Mengyuan Bi

Shanxi Normal University

International Journal of social research

With the development of the Internet, the expression of information is not limited to words, but it develops into other modes, such as images, sounds, actions, etc. This study is based on the visual grammar. The visual grammar proposed by Kress and Van Leeuwen is based on Halliday’s systemic functional linguistics. Coca-Cola as a popular soft drink brand, its graphic advertising design can be said to be very mature and representative. This study is based on visual grammar to carry on the thorough analysis to the American Coca-Cola classic print advertisement, carries on the analysis to each print advertisement from the reproduction meaning, the interactive meaning and the composition meaning. The following conclusions can be drawn: 1. In the Coca-Cola print advertisement in the United States, the professional characteristics of the characters are obvious. 2. Advertising language can directly express the benefits of the product. 3. The combination of image mode and language mode in the Coca-Cola print advertisement can be explained by visual grammar.

Keywords: Visual grammar; Coca-Cola; Print advertising

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Mengyuan Bi. Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Coca-Cola’s Print Advertising. International Journal of Social Research, 2019; 3:33. DOI: 10.28933/ijsr-2019-09-0806


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