The Role of Public Participation in Local Government Public Decision-making –taking Jiangmen Nuclear Fuel Project in Guangdong Province as an Example

The Role of Public Participation in Local Government Public Decision-making–taking Jiangmen Nuclear Fuel Project in Guangdong Province as an Example

Zhou zhiwu

Academy of Marxism, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China

International Journal of social research

Public participation in public decision-making is of great significance for speeding up the transformation of government functions and embodying people’s ownership. Therefore, in the process of local decision-making, expanding public participation and attaching importance to the important value of public participation are of far-reaching significance to the formulation of local decision-making in China. For various reasons, the role of public participation in local government decision-making has not been well reflected. To achieve effective public participation in local government decision-making, we need to improve the quality of public political participation and cultivate good political participants; we need to improve the public participation mechanism in government public decision-making, expand the channels for public participation in decision-making; strengthen the guidance and supervision of the media, and purify the media environment for public participation in government decision-making.

Keywords:  public participation; local government; government decision-making; role

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Zhou zhiwu,.The Role of Public Participation in Local Government Public Decision-making –taking Jiangmen Nuclear Fuel Project in Guangdong Province as an Example. International Journal of Social Research, 2019; 3:36. DOI: 10.28933/ijsr-2019-09-1706


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