Relevance of Relationship between the Ministers and Civil Servants in India

Relevance of Relationship between the Ministers and Civil Servants in India

Dr. Shiw Balak Prasad

Professor and Former Head, University Department of Pol. Sc. B.N. Mandal University Madhepura, Bihar (India)

International Journal of social research

In a cabinet form of Government relationship between Ministers and Civil Servants plays an important role for functioning of a successful government because the ministers are members of Parliament and direct elected by the people from their respective constituencies, so they always claim their supermacy. In the other hand Civil Servants are selected on the countrywide merit for a certain age on permanentbasis so they never forget their merits and permanent cadre. Therefore a major difficulty the adjustment of relations between the two are prevailed from the very beginning in India. In fact the relations between the ministers and civil servants are very delicate. But, unfortunately in India traditions have so far been developed to put them on a satisfactory and enduring basis. All the facts have discussed ahead in this context.

Keywords:Administrative, Civil Servants, Constitution, Functions, Government, Laymen, Ministers, Parliament.

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Shiw Balak Prasad,.Relevance of Relationship between the Ministers and Civil Servants in India. International Journal of Social Research, 2020; 4:37. DOI: 10.28933/ijsr-2019-09-1805


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