Alternative Family Forms or Social / Emotional Exploitation

Alternative Family Forms or Social / Emotional Exploitation

Steven Gerardi. Ph. D

Professor Emeritus for Sociology, New York City College of Technology (CUNY), Social Science Department.

Throughout recent history there has been progress toward social equality specifically within the nuclear family. Unfortunately, occurring currently with this social progress has been a movement which has exploited woman and fostered the total rationalization of the emotional family member’s psyco-social emotional being. This effort will exam the Nuclear family from opposite Sociological perspectives: Marx’s Alienated Labor and Parsons’ Functionalist view of the nuclear family.

Keywords:  social equality specifically; social equality specifically

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Steven Gerardi. Alternative Family Forms or Social / Emotional Exploitation. International Journal of Social Research, 2021; 5:54. DOI: 10.28933/ijsr-2021-01-1305


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