The milk – cheese cycle with alpha emitters – pulmonary contribution to the refeeding of the hormonal system in unoptimal conditions

The milk – cheese cycle with alpha emitters – pulmonary contribution to the refeeding of the hormonal system in unoptimal conditions

Florent Pirot

Unaffiliated researcher, 06560 Valbonne, France

There is a material truth behind the expression “French people are cheese-eating surrendering monkeys” that involves the higher natural radioactivity in France (averaged) in comparison with the USA, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland. This comes from the hormone loss related to internal alpha emitting nanoparticulate contamination and involves a compensation with among other things milk drinking and cheese eating. The basic hormone loss can be related to the “surrendering” reputation entirely (testosterone for instance was shown to be destroyed in uranium miners). A secondary cycle emerges to re-establish the sexual difference, where women in these regions typically drink fresh milk whereas men typically eat cheeses that have stayed long in caves and where the hormones have disappeared. This is globally spontaneous. Inhalation of cheese odors serve for cerebral confirmation that hormones have disappeared. That general theorem is a subpart of what was already denominated earlier the meat-pollution cycle for reasons of desire to adopt an easily memorizable name, due to the essentiality of the concept for humankind.

Keywords: alpha emitting nanoparticulates, hormone disruption, oestrogens, testosterone, dairy industry, endocrine disruption, uranium mining, depleted uranium

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Florent Pirot.The milk – cheese cycle with alpha emitters – pulmonary contribution to the refeeding of the hormonal system in unoptimal conditions. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2021, 6:38. DOI: 10.28933/ijtcm-2021-09-1505


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