The contributions of the population about prevention practice of Dengue

The contributions of the population about prevention practice of Dengue

Souza, M.O.,1; Lucena, A.K.O.S 2, Bezerra, D.G3, Teixeira, V.P.G4

1Estudante do Curso de Psicologia pela faculdade Estácio*, 2Estudante do Curso de Psicologia pela faculdade Estácio, 3Docente na Faculdade Estácio e na Universidade Federal de Alagoas – UFAL; Bióloga Licenciada, Mestre em Morfologia Humana e Doutora em Biologia Humana e experimental, Docente na Faculdade Estácio e na Universidade Federal de Alagoas 4

Introduction: Dengue is the world’s most important arboviral disease in terms of number of people affected ans is transmitted by mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti. The main strategy for epidemic prevention and control is population behavior in the prevention and insecticide fumigation. Objective: The following study aims to describe the contributions of the population about prevention practice of dengue. Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive research. Studies of any design published from 2012 to 2016 available in english, portuguese and spanish were included. The survey was conducted in the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO). Results and Discussion: Six articles were found that match the eligible criterias. In accord to them, it was realized that the Brazilian population has a slouch behavior in practice prevention of mosquito outbreaks, providing opportunities that the mosquito prolife, and not getting success in disease control. This may occur because of poor infrastructure conditions in most cities, as well as the lack of preventive actions both private and public initiative. Conclusion: It was clear that the Brazilian population needs to engage in preventive actions related to dengue, but also charge more effective action of public policies to assist them in combating the proliferation of the mosquito.

Keywords: Dengue; Preventive practice; Health education; Disease control; Community Participation

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Souza, M.O.,; Lucena, A.K.O.S, Bezerra, D.G, Teixeira, V.P.G. The contributions of the population about prevention practice of Dengue.International Journal of Virology and Diseases, 2019, 2:9. DOI: 10.28933/ijvd-2019-10-0405


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