Antonio Lucas Ferreira Feitosa1*, Andresa Mayra da Silva Melo2, Priscila Rufino da Silva Costa3, Sabrina Maria Pimentel da Cunha Pinto Tenório4.

Introduction: an interdisciplinarity has proved to be a necessary path to be followed by every health and/or education professional. Therefore, speech therapist needs to be integrated to several areas, such as: Psychology, Occupational therapy, Psychopedagogy, Linguistics, Neuropsychology. The Institution of “Ligas Acadêmicas”, recently, in Brazilian universities has become rather a way to reach and build together with the students and society a very important look interprofessional and multidisciplinary for the professional formation of these students. Objectives: present extensionist actions and activities in the field of language and cognition developed by an academic league during its first year. Methodology: Descriptive study, type of experience report, developed in an interdisciplinary perspective. The “Liga Acadêmica de Linguagem e Cognição” (LALIC) developed action and extension activities with the external community and academics of a private and a public university. The public was comprised of elementary school students from public schools, professors, students of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Pedagogy. Campaign actions, conventional forums, mini-courses / workshops, meetings with members of the league and scientific events were carried out. Results: The campaign conducted on the International Stuttering Day that happened in schools and the university as lectures and activities of health education with the topic: “Gagueira não tem graça, tem tratamento!» (Stuttering do not have fun, has treatment!) Two Conversation Forums were organized, one related to Dyslexia Week and the other about the importance of phonology for linguistic development. The league also organized workshops on Therapeutic Resources and Sensory Integration, as well as mini courses on ABNT References and Production of Experience Reports. For its members, LALIC held several meetings in order to address topics such as: Cognitive decline, Language and language conceptions, Language acquisition in Prematurity and Language Disorders. Subsequently, the Symposium on Early Stimulation in Down Syndrome brought together teachers and academics from various health and education segments. The last event held by the league, I Meeting of Education, Language and Learning, searched for discussing multiprofessional issues pertinent to the topic within the field of education and health. Conclusion: LALIC was able to bring together academics and various health and education professionals demonstrating the important role of these scientific events in the dissemination of ideas, discussion and knowledge building. Some subjects such as Stuttering and Dyslexia presented greater ignorance, being possible to notice the dissemination of incorrect and widespread concepts used by the public to define or conceptualize such difficulties. The workshops and mini-courses carried out, they pretend to stimulate the members in scientific production and in the preparation of clinical and therapeutic resources. Thus, it ended the first year of extension action and activities, playing its role in building knowledge among professionals and academics in the field of language and cognition.

Keywords: Speech therapy, Health Education, Multidisciplinarity.

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Antonio Lucas Ferreira Feitosa, Andresa Mayra da Silva Melo, Priscila Rufino da Silva Costa, Sabrina Maria Pimentel da Cunha Pinto Tenório. ACTIONS AND EXTENSIONIST ACTIVITIES IN THE FIELD OF LANGUAGE E COGNITION: EXPERIENCE REPORT.International Research Journal of Health Education, 2019, 2:11. DOI: 10.28933/irjhe-2019-12-0205

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