Homeopathy role in Covid19

Homeopathy role in Covid19

Balaji Deekshitulu P V

Homeopathy Doctor and Psychologist, Sri Balaji Homeo Clinic, Tirupati, A.P, India.

This is a case-related research article, as I know it was written in the first article on how homeopathy can be used to treat coronavirus? Case study of people suffering from close symptoms of coronavirus have joined. In this I have experimented with the traditional medicines of homeopathy like Ars alb, Influenzum, Bell, Baptisia Dilutions and Aconit Q, Ocimum SancQ, Eup perf Q, Bapti Q, Bryoni Q, Renaculus B with some special patent medicines. The three survived the disease within a week through homeopathic medicines, My point is that people who are on Coronetine and who are on alternative treatment for coronavirus, use these homeopathic medications within 2 hours, and then the coronavirus slows down. So it is good to have a worldwide investigation.

Keywords: Symptoms of Corana and Homeopathy

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