COVID’s impact on surgical training

COVID’s impact on surgical training

Dr A. Rekha

Professor of Surgery, Saveetha Medical College, Saveetha institute of medical and technical sciences(SIMATS)

With the COVID pandemic sweeping across the globe [1], over 1240,000 people have been infected in India (as of July 23,2020 ) in India. With approximately 30,000 deaths, the nation has been reeling under the ravages of COVID 19, and the economic fallout that followed in its wake. Tamil Nadu has over 1,80,000 cases with approximately 3144 deaths (23/07/2020). In this unfavourable milieu, surgical postgraduates joined the course through the process of NEET selection and counselling. Given that social distancing was essential, meet and greet, introduction and case based discussions are held on online platforms such as Google Meet and ZOOM.

Keywords: COVID’s impact,  surgical training

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A.Rekha. COVID’s impact on surgical training. International Research Journal of Health Education, 2020; 3:12. DOI: 10.28933/irjhe-2020-08-1103


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