Prevalence Of Venereal Diseases In Professional Sex Women: A Review Of The Last 10 Years

Prevalence Of Venereal Diseases In Professional Sex Women: A Review Of The Last 10 Years

Moraes S.R.T¹, Vasconcelos R.P², Andrade R.M.A3, Konze V.S4, Ramos R.C.F5

1,2,3,4Estudantes do Curso de Medicina – Unicap;
5Docente/Pesquisador do Curso de Medicina – UNICAP

International Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Introduction:Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) affect over 500 million people annually and female professionals (PSF) maintain a risk behavior for acquisition and transmission of STIs. Knowledge of STIs in this group is important in order to create a preventive public health policy program. Objective: To describe as major STIs that affect as PSF. Methodology: Bibliographic review of articles indexed in the international scientific database (PubMed) from September 2007 to September 2017, aged between 19 and 44 years. We selected 39 articles among which 24 were analyzed. Results and Discussion: A major STI for aid associated with Herpes Simplex Type 2 infection (83.2%), HPV (27%), vulvovaginitis (19.1%), Hepatitis B (10.7%), Syphilis (5.2%). These studies were from different countries dominating China. A prevalence of STIs is related to the vulnerability of FHPs, which, linked to the contexts of poverty, violence, alcohol and drug use, and non-legalization of the professionalization of sex in some places may contribute to marginalization of the risk situation and thus, . It was evidenced a low prevalence of syphilis in these studies, but not Brazil, an increase in STI since 2015 has been observed. The increase of STIs in the elderly population has been observed, due to an increase in the number of opportunities and availability of medications for erectile dysfunction, boosting life the elderly, making them more vulnerable to STIs. Conclusion: A public health alert is needed about the increased prevalence of PSFs caused by STIs. What has been happening due to the lack of use of condoms, multiple partners, but also due to lack of support for diagnostic accomplishment, treatment of recent reports that deepen or knowledge in this area, and may impel a development of preventive and assistance strategies aimed at improving sexual health and reproductive health of a marginalized and vulnerable population.

Keywords: Female sex worker; sexual transmitted infection; condom

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Moraes S.R.T, Vasconcelos R.P, Andrade R.M.A, Konze V.S, Ramos R.C.F. Prevalence Of Venereal Diseases In Professional Sex Women: A Review Of The Last 10 Years.International Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2018, 1:4

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