Genital Prolapse on Pregnancy: Case Study and Literature Review

Genital Prolapse on Pregnancy: Case Study and Literature Review

Biaye B, Barry A, Gassama O, Cisse ML, Diouf AA, Niang MM, Cisse M, Diouf A, Diakhat A, Fall KBM, Gueye K, Moreira PM, Diouf A, Moreau JC.

Aristide Le Dantec hospital in Dakar, Senegal

International Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Genital prolapse is a common gynecological condition, but it is exceptional during pregnancy. It can be pre-existent or else manifest in the course of pregnancy. Complications resulting from prolapse of the uterus in pregnancy vary from minor cervical infection to spontaneous abortion, and include preterm labor and maternal and fetal mortality as well as acute urinary retention and urinary tract infection. Moreover, affected women may be at particular risk of dystocia during labor that could necessitate emergency intervention for delivery.
We report the case of a third third-generation 32-year-old third gesture second pare with no particular health history. The last two pregnancies proceeded normally with stage 2 genital prolapse occurring in the second trimester of pregnancy that was aggravated by abdominal expression during childbirth.

Keywords: genital prolapse, pregnancy, complications, abdominal expression

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Biaye B, Barry A, Gassama O, Cisse ML, Diouf AA, Niang MM, Cisse M, Diouf A, Diakhat A, Fall KBM, Gueye K, Moreira PM, Diouf A, Moreau JC. Genital Prolapse on Pregnancy: Case Study and Literature Review. International Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2019, 2:9. DOI: 10.28933/irjog-2019-06-0505


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