Tracing a Diagnosis under the Multiprofessional Look at a Hospital De Pernambuco

Tracing a Diagnosis under the Multiprofessional Look at a Hospital De Pernambuco

Costa, M.P¹; Anjos, A.M²; Assis, C.R³; Vasconcelos, G.G4; Lins, I.R.V5; Nascimento, D.F.R6

1,2,3,4,5Estudante de Pós-Graduação do Programa de Residência Multiprofissional em Saúde Coletiva com ênfase em Gestão de Redes de Atenção à Saúde – ESPPE; 6Farmacêutico vinculado a ESPPE.

International Research Journal of Public Health-2D code

Introduction: It is important to chart the profile of service users so that actions and resources are planned to ensure effectiveness, and proportionality. The funds will be procured in accordance with hospital demand, with the best of them and loss prevention. And the shares will be effected in a targeted manner to the real needs of users. Objective: To describe the situational diagnosis of a Regional Hospital of Pernambuco. Methodology: Descriptive sectional research, with a quantitative approach performed in the period from january to december, 2016 at the Belarmino Correa Hospital, located in the city of Goiana, Pernambuco. Secondary data were analyzed in the Excel® 2017 program. Results and Discussion: Female users predominated (56%). Prevalent age range of 15 to 59 years (55%). The main place of residence was the home (93%), highlighting the demand of users for the emergency medical clinic (43%). In view of the findings, it can be inferred that the female sex is the majority in the total number of visits, with emphasis on the adult and economically active population, standing out health problems related to clinical demands. It is noteworthy that the users’ preferential entrance door is still the hospital first to the detriment of the family health units, since this is responsible for 80% of the resolution of community health problems it covers. Conclusion: With the study it was possible to identify the difficulties that the institution presents in solving the health problems of the population, evidencing the increase in the demand in the entrance doors mainly of clinical nature and that could be being solved in Primary Care.

Keywords:Comprehensive Health Care, Hospital and Public Health

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Costa, M.P; Anjos, A.M; Assis, C.R; Vasconcelos, G.G; Lins, I.R.V; Nascimento, D.F.R.Tracing a Diagnosis under the Multiprofessional Look at a Hospital De Pernambuco.International Research Journal of Public Health, 2018; 2:9. DOI:10.28933/irjph-2018-05-1802