Cases of sexual diseases with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates : Parkinson’s, Primary Biliary Cholangitis (prostate and clitoris) – and opening the breast implant debate

Cases of sexual diseases with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates : Parkinson’s, Primary Biliary Cholangitis (prostate and clitoris) – and opening the breast implant debate

Florent Pirot

Unaffiliated researcher

These diseases can be called sexual diseases thanks to retro-analysis of the global process of development and degenerescence and combination of the author’s earlier works with research of other authors that demonstrate in new ways the argument. Cultures that encourage sexual repression produce diseases mechanically and exogeneous factors of internal contamination with alpha emitters demultiplicate the effects spilling from these cultural choices. It is possible that researchers investigating Parkinson’s have already years ago understood the link with alpha decay and “flagged” it but because they thought that Parkinson patients had to suffer due to their full responsibility in depriving their own prostate whereas homosexuality shows how stimulating it creates well-known powerful orgasms went not beyond the allegory of alpha emitting nanoparticulates in their articles (which is why this is called “flagging” – “signaling”).

Keywords: psychoanalysis, clitoris, prostate, sexual pleasure, alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, Parkinson’s, liver disease, primary biliary cholangitis, internal medicine, neurology, uranium, radium, radon

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Florent Pirot. Cases of sexual diseases with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates: Parkinson’s, Primary Biliary Cholangitis (prostate and clitoris) – and opening the breast implant debate. International Research Journal of Public Health, 2021; 5:49. DOI: 10.28933/irjph-2021-04-2205


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