Behind transgender identities – the biophysics & the societal deficits creating the phenomenon

Behind transgender identities – the biophysics & the societal deficits creating the phenomenon

Florent Pirot

Unaffiliated researcher

Transgender identities, with or without surgical changes are produced by individual decisions which resonate nevertheless with a series of information deficits and also spill from the biophysical effects of artificial sources of contamination. Findings from other researchers and the author’s experience are brought together to prove the point.

Keywords: Behind transgender identities ; biophysics; societal deficits; phenomenon

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Florent Pirot. Behind transgender identities – the biophysics & the societal deficits creating the phenomenon. International Research Journal of Public Health, 2021; 5:50. DOI: 10.28933/irjph-2021-05-2606


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