Weight Evolution of Patients Undergoing Gastroplasty in a Hospital in Pernambuco

Weight Evolution of Patients Undergoing Gastroplasty in a Hospital in Pernambuco

Izabelly Cristine Ramos Gomes de Souza1*, Hannah Fernandes Cavalcanti Brandão2, Bruno Soares de Sousa3, Thamires Otaviano Marques de Souza4.

1,2 Faculdade Pernambucana de Saúde (FPS); 3,4 Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP)

Objective: describe the weight evolution of patients undergoing gastroplasty in a hospital in Pernambuco.

Methods: A longitudinal, retrospective and descriptive study was carried out through the nutritional monitoring form, obtaining sociodemographic, clinical and nutritional data from patients over 18 years of age who underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for the treatment of obesity and who were followed up during the pre and postoperative period at the IMIP Nutrition outpatient clinic between 2012 and 2017.

Results: There was a decrease in BMI from 47.35 ± 7.09 kg / m² in the preoperative period to 29.65 ± 4.46 kg / m² in the 24 postoperative month and there was progressive weight loss in percentage according to the 6 months (45 , 23 ± 12.18), 12 (60.37 ± 13.98), 18 (64.80 ± 15.66), and finally, month 24 reaching 67.24 ± 20.38%.

Conclusion: Roux-en-Y gastric bypass proved to be efficient in weight loss and decrease in BMI, helping in the long term in weight loss and, therefore, in a better quality of life. In addition, the nutritional monitoring, which is essential for adherence and maintenance of healthy eating habits in the pre- and postoperative period, is also noteworthy.

Keywords: Obesity. Bariatric surgery. Gastroplasty. Quality of life. Weight loss.

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Izabelly Cristine Ramos Gomes de Souza, Hannah Fernandes Cavalcanti Brandão, Bruno Soares de Sousa, Thamires Otaviano Marques de Souza.Weight Evolution of Patients Undergoing Gastroplasty in a Hospital in Pernambuco.International Research Journal of Health Education, 2021, 4:16. DOI: 10.28933/irjph-2021-07-2005


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