The Challenges of The Multiprofessional Team in Facing Covid-19: a Literature Review

The Challenges of The Multiprofessional Team in Facing Covid-19: a Literature Review

João Adriano Correia Santos¹*, Rodolfo Silva Oliveira², Brenna Santos Batista³, Bianca Silva Oliveira4, Caroline Santana Santos5


Objectives: to review in the literature the role and challenges of the multidisciplinary team in confronting Covid-19 and to collaborate to improve health approaches.

Methods: this is an integrative literature review, carried out from July to August 2020. The data collection took place between the years 2019 to 2020, in the electronic databases PubMed and VHL (Virtual Health Library), through of the descriptors “multidisciplinary team at Covid-19”, present in the DeCS (Health Sciences Descriptors), in Portuguese and English.

Results: After collecting the data, 112 (BVS = 109; PubMed = 03) scientific articles were identified, of which 100 (review = 10, duplicates = 8, outside the theme = 82) were excluded, resulting in 12 research eligible for the final sample and discussion of this work. Among the main approaches discussed, remote classes, professional training, the creation of team service protocols, the use of technology as a way to reduce the risk of contagion and optimize therapeutic approaches, disposition and guidance on the correct use of personal protective equipment and psychosocial support for health professionals, due to physical and emotional overload during the pandemic.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is clear that the pandemic due to the new coronavirus poses great challenges to the entire social situation. Until then, the extent of its effects on the world population is immeasurable. Thus, it is highlighted that the integration of health professionals is considered the foundation and the most important strategy for facing Covid-19.

Keywords: COVID-19. Team. Mulprofessional. Strategies. Cheers.

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João Adriano Correia Santos, Rodolfo Silva Oliveira, Brenna Santos Batista, Bianca Silva Oliveira, Caroline Santana Santos. The Challenges of The Multiprofessional Team in Facing Covid-19: a Literature Review. International Research Journal of Public Health, 2021; 5:54. DOI: 10.28933/irjph-2021-07-3005


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