Microwave assisted Subcritical water extraction of Berberine hydrochloride from the roots of Berberis Aristata using Harmony search algorithm

Microwave assisted Subcritical water extraction of Berberine hydrochloride from the roots of Berberis Aristata using Harmony search algorithm

Hemanth Kumar Manikyam1 , C.Ramesh2 , Krishna Mohan Poluri3, Assif Assad4

1. Department of chemistry, North East Frontier Technical University , Arunachal Pradesh, India
2. School of pharmaceutical Management, IIHMR University, Jaipur, Rajasthan India.
3. Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India.
4. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India.

The aim of present study is to optimize the conditions of Berberine extraction from roots of Berberis Aristata by Microwave assisted subcritical water extraction (MASCW).MASCW method of extraction had shown reproducibility in respect to time, solvent usage, yield and extraction repeatability. Isoquinone Berberine, is one of the wide spread representatives belonging to family of protoberberine alkaloids abundantly present in roots and stem parts of Indian barberry. The subcritical factors like time, solvent/meal ratio, extraction repeatability, size of particles and temperature were investigated and were in accordance with experimental data and predicted data. Harmony search Algorithm (HSA) was used to study the effect of five subcritical parameters on the yield of Berberine .The extraction of berberine from roots of Berberis aristata was carried at 110-1700C using MASCW method using different variations of five subcritical parameters. The results show that all five factors (Time, Temperature, size of particles, repeatability of extraction and sample/liquid Ratio) have statistically significant effects on the berberine concentration. The results had suggested that experimental data concentration, 223.82 µg/ml and predicted data concentration, 214.854 µg/ml of berberine are in significant correlation at subcritical parameters like temperature 1700C, particle size of 0.65 mm, time of 70 mins, solvent/meal ratio of 12 and at maximum three repetitions. Thus the extracted berberine was precipitated as berberine hydrochloride by acid and further evaluated for NMR structural studies which confirms with standard berberine hydrochloride.

Keywords:  berberine hydrochloride, microwave assisted subcritical water extraction, Harmony search algorithm, phytochemistry, herbal remedies

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Hemanth Kumar Manikyam, C.Ramesh, Krishna Mohan Poluri, Assif Assad. Microwave assisted Subcritical water extraction of Berberine hydrochloride from the roots of Berberis Aristata using Harmony search algorithm. Journal of Herbal Medicine Research, 2017, 2:19. DOI: 10.28933/jhmr-2017-11-0101


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