Medicinal plants used to treat the disease of gout –an overview

Medicinal plants used to treat the disease of gout –an overview

R.Ramasubramania raja M.Sekar, P.Lathasri,I.Paula Preethi,M.Suma Bhavana,T.Swathi

Department of Pharmacognosy, Narayana Pharmacy College, Nellore, A.P

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews

Gout also called as hyper uricemia. Gout is characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints, often the joint at the base of big toe. Gout is a condition that develops when Uric acid is not properly excreted from the blood through urine .Excess uric acid builds up in the body and when not removed by the kidneys, it deposits in the form of crystals in the joints, primarily in hands and feet and especially in the joint of big toe. The risk of developing gout increases as the Serum uric acid level rises [>7 mg/dl]. In our focus medicinal plants used to treat the gout for the reason in the allopathic system of medicine is not cure the disease of gout, its only controlled. So few medicinal plants we reviewed this paper.

Keywords: Gout, uricemia, pain, serum, medicinal plants

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R.Ramasubramania raja M. Sekar, P.Lathasri,I.Paula Preethi,M.Suma Bhavana,T.Swathi Medicinal plants used to treat the disease of gout –an overview. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews, 2018; 2:6.


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