Utility of Marine Organisms as a Drug Source: the Perspective

Utility of Marine Organisms as a Drug Source: the Perspective

Pt. (Dr.) Kartikay Pandey¹*, Chakra Chalamala²

¹Researcher, “Dr. Pandey’s Laboratories and Research Foundation”, Lucknow, India.
²7150 North Maple Avenue, Fresno CA, 93720, USA.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews

More than 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with sea/salty water. Even the world’s oldest, most revered and holiest texts, the Vedas, term the Ocean as ‘Ratnakar’, or the bestower of immense riches. From pre-historic times the ocean/marine world has been a source of inspiration, awe & adventure for Mankind. Contemporary science discovered potent bioactive, chemical compounds from marine organisms not before 1950s, for the first time. At present, several potent cytotoxic and anticancer drug leads, from secondary metabolites biosynthesized in Marine invertebrates, have been identified, characterised and some of them have even been synthesized. In order to tackle the problem of supply, even artificial culture of Marine organisms has been successfully attempted. Some of such vital aspects are discussed here.

Keywords: Marine Organisms, Drug Source, Perspective

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Kartikay Pandey and Chakra Chalamala.UTILITY OF MARINE ORGANISMS AS A DRUG SOURCE: THE PERSPECTIVE. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews, 2018; 2:13. DOI:10.28933/jprr-2017-12-3001


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