Alkaloids an overview

Alkaloids – an overview

R.Ramasubramania raja, M.Likitha, M.Sekar

Department of pharmacognosy, narayana pharmacy college Nellore,A.P

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews

Alkaloids are a chemically heterogenous group of natural substances and comprises more than 6000 basic nitrogen containing organic compounds which occur in about 15 percent of all vascular terrestrial plants and in more than 150 different plants families. The alkaloids exhibit diversity of structures and also show an extraordinary spectrum of pharmacological activities. Because of these characters, they are important for chemical, physiological, taxonomic and biogenetic studies.

Keywords: Alkaloids, organic, spectrum, taxonomic

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R.Ramasubramania raja, M.Likitha, M.Sekar.Alkaloids – an overview. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews, 2018; 2:17. DOI:10.28933/jprr-2018-02-2801

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