Alterations in Neuropsychological Functions after the Right Hemisphere Stroke: a Literature Review


Joseilma de Lima Silva¹*, Ísis Catharine Rodrigues Nascimento¹, Ieda Beatriz dos Santos Peixoto¹, Luana Cristina da Silva¹, Sandrelly Paula de Andrade Barros¹, Leduard Leon Bezerra Soares Silva¹

Journal of Stroke Research

Introduction: The brain is a seriously complex organ that controls and modulates bodily functions. However, it can be affected by vascular alterations, such as a stroke, which is characterized by the total or partial decrease of blood flow in a certain region of the brain, constituting one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The present study brings to the systematization of nursing care to a patient with sequelae of stroke. Objective: To describe the nursing interventions performed to a patient with a stroke sequelae during the period of the Nursing course at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Methods: An exploratory study of the case report, developed based on the steps of the nursing process, considering the results of laboratory tests and chart analysis, during the period of hospitalization in a public hospital in the city of Vitória de Santo Antão, in the period of May 2018. Results: In view of the clinical findings and after the history and elaboration of the nursing diagnoses were found, a nursing care plan was carried out with subsequent nursing interventions such as: checking of vital signs, cephalocaudal physical examination, daily dressing on pressure lesions, guidelines to the companion as to the importance of moving the decubitus, preserving the raised limbs on the bed, keeping the patient’s skin always hydrated, performing limb movements, intolerance of the patient. It was possible to perceive an improvement of the general picture of the client in question, after the nursing interventions were put into practice. Conclusion: It is concluded that nursing interventions, in the promotion of self-care and rehabilitation capacity, corroborate in the reduction of damages and disabilities, promoting a better quality of life for the patient with stroke sequelae and awareness of family members in the importance such care.

Keywords: Stroke, Nursing Care, Self Care

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Joseilma de Lima Silva, Ísis Catharine Rodrigues Nascimento, Ieda Beatriz dos Santos Peixoto, Luana Cristina da Silva, Sandrelly Paula de Andrade Barros, Leduard Leon Bezerra Soares Silva. NURSING ACTIVITIES IN SELF-CARE AND REHABILITATION OF PATIENT VICTIM OF STROKE: A CASE REPORT. Journal of Stroke Research, 2019 4:8. DOI: 10.28933/jsr-2019-09-2001