Regulation Of Learning And Results Of Baccalaureat In Science


NDIGMBAYEL Reoular Urbain, Ph. D

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Bongor

American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews

The educational action of the teacher plays a central role in the school success of students. In fact educational organisation of teaching sequencies influences greatly on the rates success of students (learners) particularly in certified Exams. It is the case of baccalaureat [A level certification) exam (Baccalaureat: Secondary school examination qualifying for entry to university, High school diploma), Bac. A (Arts based) Bac. C, D (science based)] in science in the secondary school of Mayo –Kebbi East where the rate of global success is too low (8,40% in 2014).
This study has the interest in the impact of implementation of educational pratices of teachers in the situation of the classes for the success in Baccalaureat of the students in science senior secondary school (Terminal, Serie C, D).
It is structures in three parts as follow : the introduction that states the main question, the methodology that describes the adopted approaches to realize the study, the results from collected data in the field the discussion that confrontes the collected data in the beginning and lastly the conclusion that makes the assessment evaluation of this study.

Keywords: Regulation, teacher, Baccalaureat C and D, success, Mayo-Kebbi East

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NDIGMBAYEL Reoular Urbain. REGULATION OF LEARNING AND RESULTS OF BACCALAUREAT IN SCIENCE: CASE STUDY OF REGION OF MAYO – KEBBI EAST (CHAD). American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews, 2016,1:6. DOI: 10.28933/ndigmbayel-ajerr-072016

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