Cultural Facsimile in the Translation of Jiangxi Nuo Culture

Cultural Facsimile in the Translation of Jiangxi Nuo Culture

Liu Wei

Nanchang Normal University

Open Journal of Language and Linguistics

The translation of nuo culture, in its nature, is one of intercultural translation. At present, the main problems of the translation of nuo culture in China are the deficiency in cultural connotation reproduction and the inappropriateness in the translation of culture-specific terms. Based on the analysis and comparison of the translated texts of exorcising culture in Jiangxi province, this paper points out that the key to the successful translation of nuo culture is to accurately reproduce the connotation of nuo and to fully consider the reading psychology of target language readers. Therefore, translators should strive to find the balance between reflecting the original text’s differences to promote native culture and satisfying the reading habits and needs of the target readers to expand its acceptance among target readers.

Keywords: nuo culture, culture-specific terms, culture facsimile

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Liu Wei.Cultural Facsimile in the Translation of Jiangxi Nuo Culture.Open Journal of Language and Linguistics, 2019, 2:6.


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