A Neuro-Fuzzy System For Diagnosis of Soya-Beans Diseases

A Neuro-Fuzzy System For Diagnosis of Soya-Beans Diseases

Rahmon,I.A, Adebola Akinsanya and Eze, M.O

Department of Computer Science, Babcock University,Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Soyabean is an important legume crop, extensively cultivated for food on which low-income population highly depend because of its proteineous nutrient on daily basis for food.The efforts of farmers to specifically identify the specific pests responsible for damaging of plants segment such as petioles, roots, stem, pod and leaves still remain vague and imprecise to many farmers. In this work, a neuro-fuzzy system will be built with MATLAB version 8 with 100 rules on five input parameters as linguistic variables or symptoms into the system to determine the disease type either as fungi or bacteria or virus, and to also determine intensity rate as the output in form of a crisp. The output of the system will produce results for the decision maker to provide solution regarding the treatment of the infected plant for bountiful and quality harvest.

Keywords: Neuro-fuzzy system,crisp,matlab.

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Rahmon,I.A, Adebola_Akinsanya and Eze, M.O, A Neuro-Fuzzy System For Diagnosis of Soya-Beans Diseases. Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2018; 2:13. DOI: 10.28933/rjcms-2018-04-0501


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