Chaotic Random Sequence Generated from Tent Map on Variant Maps

Chaotic Random Sequence Generated from Tent Map on Variant Maps

Yifeng Zheng1, Jeffrey Zheng1

1School of Software, Yunnan University, Kunmming 650091, China

Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Chaotic sequences, have being widely used in mobile communications and cyberspace security. Using the sequences, various stochastic analysis schemes are developed. The Tent map is one of the widely used chaotic maps with good ergodic uniformity. In this paper, the variant maps are used to illustrate the Tent chaotic sequence under different lengths and control parameters to show the statistical characteristics of sequences. Results are shown that when the control parameter of Tent map is close to 0.5, the generated sequences have the symmetrical distribution, that is more stable if the sequence is longer.

Keywords:  tent map, chaotic random sequence, variant map, visual testing.

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Yifeng Zheng and Jeffrey Zhenga Chaotic Random Sequence Generated from Tent Map on Variant Maps. Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2018; 2:12.DOI:10.28933/rjmcs-2017-11-2801


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