Profile Socioeconomic of Elderly That Are Being Treated at a Basic Attention Unit of Town in a City of Alagoas

Profile Socioeconomic of Elderly That Are Being Treated at a Basic Attention Unit of Town in a City of Alagoas


Federal University of Alagoas – UFAL / Campus Arapiraca

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Brazil is one of the countries where the process of aging population became very quickly and intense, being result a decline of fertility, mainly on North East and vulnerable people socioeconomically this work has the objective of describe the profile socioeconomic of elderly that are being treated at a basic attention unit of an town in the inland Alagoas. The quantitative research, feature descriptive and exploratory, held on a basic unit, with 28 elderly that appeared on a gynecological nursing consultation between the months of february to october of 2015. This data was being collected through semi-structured form. The research has being approved for the national Committe of Ethics and Research (C.A.A.E.31450014.9.0000.5013.Advice.931.700). Of the 28 met elderly women, with ages between 60-75 years (mean age 65,7), 64,7 % were brunette 28,5 % were white 3,8 % were black and 3,5 % belonged to other ethnic groups 53,5 % were married, 93,7 % live in urban areas ,96,2 % in brick house with piped water and sewage, 85,7 % had completed elementar school 10,7 % completed high school, 3,5 % enrolled in higher education ,78,3 % were domestic and 64,8 % reported income from 01 to less than 02 minimum salaries. All the study patients were low-income, with few years of study the majority were domestic, demonstrating financial dependence on their families benefit from social security, revealing economic limitation for heath and recreation treatments. The investigation brought elemento that arouse greatconcer, considering the aging population. From this study we noted the need for the government to develops more actions of the elderly with low socioeconomic status thus fulfiling one of the basic principles of the Brazilian Constituition that health is universal right and duty of the state.

Keysword: Women’s Health; Elderly Health; Socioeconomic Analysis; Multiprofissionality.

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