The Perception of Nursing Students of Palliative Care: a Review

The Perception of Nursing Students of Palliative Care: a Review


Federal University of Pernambuco1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Palliative care is the care provided to the healthcare professional to the patient, providing quality of life in its final stages. The nurse is closely linked to the process of death and surveys showed that students feel unprepared for the thematic and teachers, in turn, anguished front of them. The objective was to identify national and international scientific production in the health area, on the perception of nursing students compared to the hospice. This is a systematic review of the literature through the Virtual Health Library (VHL), the databases being used: LILACS, MEDLINE, and IBECS SCIELO. They found 26 articles and 8 of them were used, with the addition of a specialist license. Cataloged up the items in adapted form document analysis and analyzed the data from the thematic analysis technique. Of the 9 articles analyzed in full, 1 reports the nursing specialty in palliative care and 8 revealed in its results the behavior of students and professionals on the process of dying, lack of preparation, personal fears and inappropriate conduct. Of these 8 studies, 5 explicitly pointed out that the subject is minimally discussed in the training of nurses and palliative care has been neglected by many training institutions. In a discussion grouped by thematic pillars, we have: the approach to the process of death and palliative care in academic teaching is insufficient. The experiences lived at graduation for students to death is a failure, because the academic education is to care for life, not the end of it. About creating a new curriculum, this is fundamental and must be open to implementation on academic livings. Gaps in academic formation can be considered an obstacle to building a Nurse able to face patient care outside therapeutic possibilities of cure. Therefore, have experience at graduation to consolidate the assistance of palliative care professional future, are configured important to strengthen the comprehensive healthcare look towards death, as well as the construction of a new curriculum that best encompasses the theme preparing the students.

Keywords: Palliative care, Attitude to death; Nursing students.

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